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Dialer Navigation and Search
Updated over a week ago

This article describes all the navigation options in your Dialer account and explains how to search for the needed leads or pages.

Navigation Elements

You can navigate through your Dialer using elements at the top of any page.

  • Hover over the main menu on the page header and click on the needed item in the drop-down list to open a page.

  • Expand the menu at the top right showing your username and extension number. Here, you can also change your state and log out.

  • Click on the Dialer logo at the top left to return to the Dashboard from any page.

  • Use the double-purpose navigation and search bar as described in the section below.

Using the Navigation Search Bar

At the top-right of any page, you can now find the navigation search bar. It serves a double purpose: it helps you find the needed lead and navigate across the updated menu.

Lead Search

To find the lead you need, just enter the lead ID or phone number into the search bar. The link that you will see below will redirect you to the lead details page.

Navigation Assistant

With the search bar, you can search for any page within the Dialer. Your search can be based on its previous or updated name.

Enter the page name, and if it has been changed, you will see the new name in the search results. For example, if you type "User Tags", it will take you to Desks, which is the new name of the same page.

Moreover, the search results can show you pages with similar names. It's helpful if you are not sure about the name of the page you are looking for.

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