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Running an Echo Test
Updated over a week ago

An echo test is a feature created to check the quality of your sound and make sure your headset is working properly.

To perform the echo test, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the softphone application you use for CommPeak VoIP services.
    In this article, we give instructions for CommPeak Softphone and Zoiper.

  2. On the dial pad, enter *13 and click the dial button.


If you’re using CommPeak Softphone, there are a few more ways to run the echo test:

  • Enter*13 in the line above the dial pad and click the dial button.

  • Goto Settings and click Test Call.


    3. Say something using your computer microphone or headset microphone. Everything you’re saying will be repeated back to you as soon as your voice is received by the machine. Check if the sound quality and latency are fine.


    If you have any issues, make sure your Internet connection is stable as well as your microphone and headphones are connected. Also, feel free to contact our support team.

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