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You can create segments by picking specific contacts from different lists based on filters.

For example, you can select all numbers that have clicked a specific URL from the UK. Then the segment can be used in campaigns along with contact lists.

To create a segment:

  1. Expand the Contacts section in the main menu and go to the Segments tab.

  2. Click Add Segment on the right or on an empty page if you haven't added any segments yet.

  3. In the Create New Segment pop-up window, select contact properties:

    • existing contact lists or segments

    • countries of origin

    • those who clicked on short URLs in chosen campaigns

  4. After you click Next, enter the name and description of the new contact segment.

  5. Click Save & Finish, and it will appear on the Segments tab.

After the segment status changes to Ready, it becomes available for SMS campaigns.


You can also create contact segments from the Campaign Management page by selecting Segment Clickers in the 3-dot menu on the needed campaign.

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