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Creating Contact Lists from CSV Files
Creating Contact Lists from CSV Files
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The Contact Lists tab under Contacts shows you existing lists with lead contact details. The total number of your contact lists is shown at the top of the page.

You can create new contact lists by uploading multiple lead records from a CSV file or integration.


All the phone numbers in the file with contact details must be in the international format and include the country prefix.

Later you will be able to append the list with new contacts.

Adding Contact Lists from Files

To import multiple contacts:

  1. Click Create Your First Contact List on the empty page if you start your work. Next time when you already have some contact lists, just click Add List in the top right.

  2. You will see a pop-up window. Select an option to import from a CSV file.

  3. Enter the list name and an informative description. Then click Save & Next.

  4. Browse or drag and drop the file, then click Save & Next.

  5. Map column titles with available contact fields as necessary. One column must contain phone numbers.
    Select Ignore first line to avoid adding column titles as a separate line.

  6. Click Import Contacts.

  7. View the list summary and click Continue.


You also need to set the contact fields that should be used in mapping and will later be applied in message campaigns to make your messages unique. You can find details in this article.

The new list appears at the top and will take some time to process.

Refer to the following table for column descriptions in Contact Lists.



List Name

Click the title to open a side panel which you can also load when clicking the information icon in Actions. It contains details about the list, parse status of contacts and campaigns where it has been used.



The Progress column shows the contact import progress.
If a progress bar is displayed, the list is still being imported.

The Ready status means that importing is complete.


The Contacts column shows the total number of contacts in the list.

You can see how many of them are parsed or failed by clicking the information icon in Actions.

Creation At

Date and time in UTC when the list was uploaded


This column provides additional controls.


You can view more information from the Actions column and delete or download contact lists.


To view more information about your contact list, click the information icon in the Actions column. On the List Info tab, you can see how many contact details are added (parsed) or failed to add due to invalid or not mobile phone numbers.


If you want more information about the list and its usage in campaigns, go to the Campaigns Info tab.


To delete the list, click Delete in Actions.

To save the list as a CSV file, click Download in Actions. It will take some time to prepare downloadable files for large lists. They will appear in Tasks when ready. If you would like more information, please take a look at the Tasks article.

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