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Benefits of DIDs
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DID (direct inward dial) number is a virtual phone number. With DID numbers, users can have direct phone lines without any need in physical lines. Thus, it is possible to have more than one number in your account and attach them to specific user extensions.

DID gives users the following benefits:


It is cheaper to have trunk lines instead of regular physical lines. Depending on the DID Types‍, your calls can be made for free or at a low rate. Besides, you can save on renting an office — there is no need for your employees to be at one place, they may work from anywhere in the world.

Focus on clients

With a DID number, clients receive more attention and advanced assistance. Clients don’t have to wait for a long time on hold — each of them is directed to a specific agent who is already aware of their case and ready to help right away. The follow-up procedure becomes more convenient too.

Time saving

Since you can have as many DID numbers as you wish, it is possible to call different clients simultaneously. Your company makes more calls at a time, and consequently, wins deals or helps clients at high speed.


Clients prefer to work with local companies and call local numbers instead of international ones. For this reason, it is relevant to create a local presence for your business despite your geographic location. Purchasing a local DID number solves this issue and lets you work with clients based in any region.

Productivity tracking

When you assign DID numbers to different agents working for your company, you can see how many calls they make during a specific time range. This way, it is possible to assess your employees’ individual progress and the success of your business as a whole.

DID numbers provide a wide range of benefits for businesses in various industries. They make communication with clients easier, faster, and more effective. And since communication plays a major role in the development of any business, it is crucial to provide means for its enhancement with getting a DID number.

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