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Creating Report Templates
Updated over a week ago

For each report in PBX Stats, you can create and save a template in order to use predefined filters when you run the report again.

To create a report template, do as follows:

  1. After setting the filters and view options as needed, click Save as Template.

  2. In the New Filter Template window that opens, enter the template name.


    To make the template public and let others use it, select the Public check box.

  3. Check the filters included in the template and click Save.

To use the saved template, click Select Template, choose the necessary template, and click Use.
To remove a template, select one and click Remove.


You can also use the template to schedule the report to be run regularly.


It is more convenient to save your template with a predefined time range, such as yesterday or last week.

Otherwise, if you save it with a custom date and time range, you will have to change it each time you run the report.

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