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Activity Logs
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The Activity Logs section provides reports of all actions taken by users within a selected timeframe and of the Listen, Whisper, and Barge actions in particular.

Activity Log List

The Activity Log List contains user events in PBX Stats and the Agent Workspace. Managers can filter the log by time range, user name, event parameters, and other settings.

You need to assign the show_activity_log permission to the managers to provide them access to activity logs:


To view activity logs:

  1. Go to Activity logs > Activity audit logs.

  2. Set Time Range, Users, and other filters, and click Search.

  3. Refer to the following log event data:

  • Created - event date and time in UTC

  • Username - the name of the user who performed the event

  • User Ip - IP address of the user who performed the event

  • Event, Sub Event, Event Object, Comments, Request Uri - additional event parameters

Click Show Params to see further details and copy them.



On the Whisper/Barge/Listen tab of the Activity logs menu, you can search for the following actions of interacting with agent calls within the specified timeframe:

  • Whisper - talking to the agent during the call

  • Barge - talking to both the agent and the customer

  • Listen - listening to the call


The resulting table will show you the names and extensions of agents to whose calls the manager connected, the action duration, and the CDR ID of the call.


The show_whisper_log permission enables access to the Whisper/Barge/Listen log:

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