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Listen, Whisper and Barge from Softphone
Listen, Whisper and Barge from Softphone
Updated over a week ago

This article explains how to use the Listen, Whisper, and Barge options directly from any softphone application, including CommPeak Softphone.

This article uses the example of CommPeak Softphone.

Please look at a similar article about using these actions from the Realtime page in PBX Stats.

To start whispering:

  1. Dial *222 followed by the agent extension number. You will be connected in the Listen mode.
    In the example below, 101 is the agent's extension to whose conversation the manager wants to connect.

  2. To switch to other modes, click on the keyboard icon. You will see the keyboard on the screen, and then you can press the following numbers:

    • 5 to switch to the Whisper mode and talk to the agent

    • 6 to switch to the Barge mode and talk to both the agent and the customer

    • 4 to switch to the Listen mode again and listen to the conversation


      You will hear a voice notification that the chosen mode is activated.

  3. When you're done, you can click Dial and then hang up.

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