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Pause Types
Updated over a week ago

Managers and agents can use pause statuses to let others know if they are available at the moment and select a reason for their unavailability. When an agent is on pause, this information is displayed on their card on the Realtime page. ‍The card will also show the pause type - work-related or personal.

A manager can configure pause types this way:

  1. Log in to PBX Stats.

  2. Go to Configuration -> Pause Types.

  3. Edit or disable previously created pause types in the list.


The pause types that you have created appear in agent workspaces. When agents need to take a break, they can click Pause and choose one of them.

To create a new pause type:

  1. Click Create Pause Type.

  2. Enter its name.

  3. Select category - Work Related or Personal

  4. Place a checkmark to make it active.

  5. Click Create.


If you want to learn more about configuring pause types for the agent, you can check Agent's Portal Overview.‍

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