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Agents Clocked-In Stats
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The Agents Clocked-In Stats report provides data about agents' presence in the Dialer and the breaks they took.

To run the report:

  1. On the Dialer home page, click Reports and select Agents Clocked-In Stats.

  2. Set the necessary parameters under Search Params to filter the report output:

    1. In the Period field, specify the date and time range for the report. On the Dates tab, select the starting and ending date and time. Alternatively, on the Bookmarks tab, select one of the specified ranges from the dropdown list.

    2. In the Users field, select one or more agents. If you don’t specify any agent, the report will extract all user data.

    3. In the Groups, Skill Groups, and User Desks fields, select a group of users to show in the report output (optional).

    4. In the Clocked Out Reasons, select what breaks you wish to include in the report. If none is selected, all breaks are displayed.

  3. Click Generate to run the report and display it in the lower part of the page. The table below contains explanations of the columns.
    Click Download CSV to save the report as a CSV file.


The time in the Period field is UTC 0, which can differ from your timezone. Filling out the Period field is mandatory.




Agent's name.

Total Logged In Time

The total duration of the agent's stay in the system

Total Clocked In Time

The total duration of the agent's clock-ins

Total Clocked In Count

The total number of times the agent clocked in. You can click on the number to open a new window with detailed data about clocked-in/clocked-out times and break durations, downloadable as a CSV file.

Total Breaks In Time

The summarized duration of all breaks the agent took

Start Shift

The summarized time between login and clock-in moments. The digit that precedes the time shows the number of logins

Break Duration: [reason]

The number and total duration of the agent's break with a specific reason

Break Duration: System

The number and total duration of the agent's breaks without clocked-out reasons. Such breaks can happen because the agent closed the browser without clocking out, was forced out by the manager, or system issues

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