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Access Control Lists
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This feature allows you to limit access to the Dialer domain by the user's IP address, fully qualified domain name (FQDN), and country.

To change whitelisting settings for your Dialer domain, in the Settings menu, go to General Settings and switch to the Access Control Lists tab.

Enabling the Feature

To use the feature, toggle the Enable IP ACL slider to the right.

When enabled, the IP addresses and FQDNs outside the list of allowed ones will be blocked. If disabled, access will be open to any IP.

Adding New Entries

To add a new allowed IP address or FQDN:

Click the Add New button, or to add multiple entries, click Mass Insert.

Then in the window displayed, specify the IP address/FQDN or multiple ones, add a description (optional), select the state of the new entry/ies โ€” Enable or Disable, and click Add.

The entries will be added to the list.


Remember to include your own IP address / FQDN in the list before saving your settings. Otherwise, you will not be able to access the Dialer.

When should you use an FQDN?

Use an FQDN if you have a dynamic IP address.

You want to limit the access to Dialer, so that agents can log in from their workplaces only, but their IP addresses are dynamic. Then you specify their FQDNs, which will remain the same even if their IPs change.


If you hover the cursor over an FQDN, you will see the related IP address.

Filtering and Searching

You can filter the visible entries by IP/FQDN, by state, and by description.

To apply the filter, just enter the needed text or select the required option.

Alternatively, you can search for the necessary entry by typing your request in the Quick search field.

Enabling, Disabling and Deleting Entries

IPs or domain names can be enabled, disabled, and deleted per entry or in bulk.

To perform one of these actions for a single entry, on the entry line, click the Disable (Enable) or Delete button and confirm the action.

For bulk actions:

  1. Place a checkmark on as many lines as you need.

  2. Select an action under the list.

  3. Choose if you want to apply it to the selected entries or to all entries.

  4. Click Process.

Filtering IPs by Countries

There is an option to allow access to your system from selected countries only. To use it, toggle the Countries IP ACL slider to the right and choose one or more countries from the drop-down list.

You can use both the list of allowed IPs and IP filtering by country.

Call center agents are working from Country A, and the manager is located in Country B.
You can add the agents' IP addresses, which are in Country A, to the list of allowed ones. At the same time, you can select Country B as the country with allowed access and NOT include Country A in the list.


Utilize this setup for devices, softphones, WebRTC, and other SIP connections to authorize designated IP addresses for initiating calls. Ensure to input IP addresses in CIDR format, accompanied by their respective masks and separated by commas.


For security reasons, we recommend adding the IP addresses of managers or team leaders only.

Public Recordings ACL

If you intend to authorize third-party downloads of your call record files via associated links, toggle the slider to the right. Afterward, specify the IP addresses you want to include in the whitelist.


An empty list implies that individuals with a public link have unrestricted access to the recordings.

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