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How to Integrate HubSpot and CommPeak Dialer Click2Call
How to Integrate HubSpot and CommPeak Dialer Click2Call
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This guide will walk you through integrating your HubSpot account with CommPeak Dialer Click2Call using CommPeak app.

The CommPeak app enables you to call your leads from HubSpot CRM via your CommPeak Dialer softphone client or IP phone.

Installing the CommPeak Application

To proceed with the integration, you must first install the CommPeak application as described in this article.


The CommPeak app requires no configuration on the user side.

Making Calls

Once the installation is complete, follow the steps below to call your leads.

  1. In your HubSpot account, navigate to Contact and click the contact name you wish to call to open it.

  2. Click the dial button.

  3. In Call from: select CommPeak C2C.

  4. Click to call the number again.

  5. Submit your credentials for CommPeak Dialer. In the Domain field, enter the initial part of your domain (your account name in the Dialer).
    For example, if your CommPeak Dialer domain is, enter oakprise.

  6. The system will initiate a call to your Dialer softphone client.

    We are using the built-in softphone in the Dialer. The incoming call looks as follows:

    Click accept to answer the call.

  7. Once you accept, the system will call your lead.

  8. After the lead answers, a call will be established.

Call History

To view the history of your calls, go to Calls under the Contacts menu. Here, you will see the details of each call, such as the date and time, the agent calling, and the call status (or outcome).

If you click on the call title, you will get to the call page where you can listen to the call recording and read notes and comments about the call.

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