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Softphone Errors Explained
Updated over a week ago

The following table contains descriptions of errors you may have while operating the CommPeak softphone.



RTP Timeout

The session ended due to the loss of RTP

Media Access Denied

Media access was denied for the local user when prompted for audio/video devices

Solution:Try to plug/unplug the headphones and make sure the mic is allowed in the browser

Dialog Error

An in-dialog request received a 408 or 481 SIP error

No Answer

An incoming call was not answered in the time set in the configuration no_answer_timeout parameter


RTCSession terminated by a local or remote peer


RTCSession canceled by a local or remote peer


An incoming INVITE got a 2XX status code as a reply, but no ACK was received

SIP Failure Code

A negative SIP response was received, which is not part of any of the groups defined in the SIP Error Causes

Lost Connection

The connection to a SIP account was lost

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