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Logging in to CommPeak Softphone

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The first thing you need to do before using CommPeak Softphone is to get your login information and log in. Follow these steps to find relevant data and start your work:

  1. Go to PBX Stats —> Configuration —> Agents.
    On this page, data in the Login column corresponds to the User field in Softphone. And the Password column data, respectively, corresponds to the Password field.
  2. Start the CommPeak Softphone application. In the start window that opens, fill in the fields as follows:
  • User — enter data from the Login column. 
  • Password — enter data from the Password column, and if you want to save the password, select the checkbox below. 
  • Domain — specify your domain name followed by
    3. Click the LOGIN & START CALLING button.

Now, everything’s set, and you’re ready to start working in CommPeak Softphone.

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