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The Tasks section shows reports saved from the Stats by Agent‍ page and the following sections of the CDRs‍ page: 

  • Agent Availability
  • Call Disposition by Agent
  • Agent Pauses
  • CDRs List

Right after you save the report, the system creates a task and redirects you to the Tasks tab.

To download the necessary report, follow these steps:

  1. Run the report in Stats by Agent or CDRs.
  2. Click the save icon next to any statistics and select the save option.
  3. Right after saving you are redirected to Tasks where reports are generated. 
    Report generation may take some time. After it is ready, click Download next to any task to get the needed report.

The Tasks tab includes the following information:

Column Explanation


The name of the task


The type of the task saving (Csv, Excel, Pdf)


The exact day and time when the task was created


The percentage of the report processing


Additional details on the time period and requester


Download buttons for each task

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