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What is DID verification? How do I verify my external Caller IDs?

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In some cases, you may want to call different destinations while using a DID number you own outside of CommPeak as your Caller ID for outgoing calls.

To allow this, we require that you verify the possession of the DID you want to add. 

This verification can easily be done from your account:

  1. Select SETUP in the main menu and go to the DYNAMIC CALLER ID tab.
  2. In the message you will see at the center of the page, click the link for verifying DID numbers.
  3. In the window that appears, choose the country code for the number you wish to verify.
  4. Enter the number you wish to verify. It will initiate an incoming call to this number.
  5. Optionally, under Advanced, select the caller ID for this incoming call.
  6. Click MAKE THE CALL.
  7. Answer the call and input the code that the system gives. 

In case you didn't receive a call, make sure your number is configured to receive incoming calls and click the "I didn't receive a call" link to restart the process.

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