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How to Keep Your Account Secure

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CommPeak strives to provide an advanced protection level for our users. To prevent any security breaches and make sure your account is safe, we advise you to follow these recommendations:

  • Create a strong password that you do not use on other websites

There is always a possibility that hackers may try to break into your account and reach personal data. The best way to stay protected is to set a strong password. If you use the same password on multiple websites, it may be easier to access each of these accounts.

In the article on How to Create a Secure Password, we recommend what to do to set unique and strong passwords.

  • Change your password regularly

This practice also lets you avoid undesirable access. Some hackers may continually access your account to track and steal data. Or it may happen that you accidentally save your password on somebody else’s device. The worst part is that it is hard to understand if someone else is using your account repeatedly. Thus, changing your password once in a few months reduces the chance that others access your private information. 

  • Do not share your account credentials with anyone else

The risks are various here. First, you may become a victim of identity theft. Second, you are responsible for the activity performed under your username. If anything happens, you are the one who bears the consequences. Also, even though you may trust the person you share your login and password with, hackers may steal credentials from them. Or better yet, that person can accidentally stay assigned to the account on the device used by others.

  • Do not reply to emails asking for your personal data

It is generally a dangerous idea to share your password with anyone who asks for it. Please make sure you do not do it. Naturally, CommPeak never asks you to provide your password or sensitive data via email, messengers, or other ways. 

  • Be cautious of suspicious links and check if you use the CommPeak website

It is essential to be careful with links in emails. Do not follow them and do not install any software even if the sender claims they work for CommPeak. Some intruders use tricks to confuse you. For example, they may provide you with links similar to However, these are false websites that may gather your personal data or send viruses to your device. 

Learn more about phishing in How Can I Handle Phishing and Spam Issues?‍ 

  • Check data in your profile if you get messages about suspicious activity

Suppose your bank sends you messages about some activity that you consider questionable. In that case, you can log in to your CommPeak account, go to your profile, and check the Payment History or Invoices tabs. These tabs let you view the type, date, amount, and other details about transactions made.

  • Make sure your computer is updated and has antivirus software installed

Update your operating system, browser, and antivirus software with recent versions. It is helpful because new versions may solve security threat issues that you faced before. Also, check if your antivirus software is activated and run antivirus checks on your device from time to time. 

  • Log out of your account on all devices after you finish working

If you share your device with colleagues or use any public hardware, make sure that you log out of our CommPeak account and do not save credentials. Personal information stored in your profile or the whole account may be stolen just because of recklessness.

  • Turn off the save password feature and clear your cache

The save password feature is helpful since you save time and do not have to remember various passwords. However, this convenience may play a sick joke on you. If any person has stolen your device or uses it regularly, they can get easy access to your browser. And they will be able to reach your CommPeak account too. To make sure no one else gets into your account, turn off the save password feature in your browser as well as regularly clear cached browser history.

  • Report security flaws and suspicious activity to our support

Our support team is ready to help you 24/7. Please let us know if you notice anything strange in your account or come across security bugs. We will be glad to solve your issue and improve CommPeak's protection together.

Read more about How to Contact the CommPeak Support Team.‍ 

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