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To work with PBX Stats, each user needs an account, where he is assigned roles and given access to desks.

Users with relevant permissions can view, create, edit, and delete other users.

The Users Manager page is available under the Configuration menu.

Users Table

The table on the Users Manager page gives details about each user.

Column Description
Username The user's name in the system
Email The user's email address
Roles The role(s) granted to the user. Hovering over a role will show its description.
Roles with special permissions will be displayed here, too.
Desks The desks the user is assigned to
Enabled Shows if the user account is enabled or disabled
Actions Click the links to perform the actions to the user account: edit the account, change the password, or delete the user.

New User Creation

To create a new user:

  1. Click Create New User in the top right corner of the Users Manager page.
  2. In the New User window, enter the credentials for the user.
  3. Please select one or more roles for the user and assign the user to one or more desks.
  4. Click Save. The new user will appear in the list.


New users are enabled by default.

Editing Existing Users

You can edit a previously created user as follows:

  • Change the user's email and username
  • Assign him new roles and desks or remove the existing ones
  • Disable the user

To edit a user:

  1. On the Users Manager page, click Edit in the Actions column on the line for the needed user.
  2. Make changes in the user window and click Save.

The Actions column also has options to change the user's password and delete the user.

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