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A role is a combination of permissions that lets a user perform actions allowed by the selected permissions.

To create a role:

  1. Go to Configuration -> Roles.
  2. On the Roles Manager page, click Create New Role in the top right corner.
  3. In the New Role window displayed, specify the name and description for the role.
  4. Click in the Permissions field and select the actions the role will be allowed to do.
  5. Optionally, select the accepted IPs and countries.
  6. Select the Mask Phone check box to hide phone numbers from the user assigned this role.
  7. Click Save.

The new role will appear in the list of roles.

To modify settings for a role, click Edit in the Actions column for the needed role. 

To remove the role from the list, click Delete.

Special Permissions

As a rule, the main roles in PBX Stats are the manager, the compliance manager, and the administrator.

The manager has permissions to manage only the desks to which he/she is assigned.

The compliance manager has access to the CDRs so that he/she can listen to all the call recordings.

The administrator has permissions to perform all the actions and settings in the system.
However, there are three special permissions:

  • show_all_desk_reports - the user can run reports for all the desks, but can see the Realtime page only for the desks he/she is assigned to
  • show_all_desks_realtime - the user can view all the desks on the Realtime page, but can run reports only for the desks he/she is assigned to
  • show_all_desks - the user has access to the data for all the desks, both on the Realtime page and in the reports.

In the call center, there are two desks - Desk 1 and Desk 2.
Manager A is assigned to Desk 1, and Manager B is assigned to Desk 2.
Both Manager A and Manager B are subordinate to Manager C.

  • Manager A, except for managing his desk, is responsible for preparing reports on the activity of the whole call center. This is why he is granted a role with show_all_desk_reports permission.
  • Manager B is in charge of real-time monitoring and must see the current data for all the agents in the call center. So, he is assigned a role with show_all_desks_realtime permission.
  • Manager C, to supervise Managers A and B, should have access to the desks under their control. He is granted a role with show_all_desks permission.

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