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In PBX Stats, you can view agent details.

You can also do the following:

  • add agents one by one or in bulk depending on your permissions
  • modify agent's name, login, and password
  • delete agents.

Viewing Agent Details

To view the list of agents in your PBX, go to Configuration in the main menu and click Agents.

Here, you can see agent IDs and names, credentials, devices they are logged into, and assigned queues.

To see details about an agent in a popup window, click on the Actions column.

Adding Agents

To add a new agent:

  1.  Click Create New Agent in the top-right.
  2.  Enter the following details:
    • login - agent's numerical login that will be used to log in to softphones
    • alias - agent's name.
      If you click Add Bulk to create multiple agents, enter a range of logins. In the description box, insert a prefix for the agent name.
      For example, if you enter Englishdesk, the system will create agents with the following names: Englishdesk-100, Englishdesk-101, and so on.


      Only super admin users have access to the bulk agent creation.

  3. When you click Save, the system will automatically generate passwords taking some time to complete the task. Pending agents will be shown above the main table. After a while, they will disappear and will be added to the table.

Editing and Deleting

You can edit agent login, name (alias), and password. 

To modify an agent:

  1. Click Edit in the Actions column.
  2. Enter new details:
  3. Click Update.

To delete an agent, click Delete in the Actions column.

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