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Object Lists

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Objects lists contain entities that the system treats in the same way. The lists are primarily used in group filters and can be used in campaign rules. For example, you can create a blacklist of countries if you don't wish to call leads from certain countries. Then you can and add it to the group filters.


  1. If the entire user group should call or call not a specific list, you need to add that list to all group filters. Please refer to the User Groups article for more information on the group filters.
  2. We highly recommend using object lists of statuses only to give priority to the New Lead status. The rest of the statuses will follow the Dialer logic, and there is no need to add them to the group filters.

To create an object list:

  1. Go to Tenant and select Object Lists.
  2. In the New List Type dropdown list, select a type and click Create.
    You can also click Create from file and select a JSON file with a previously saved template. This option is available for the Countries and Custom list types.
    Use the Duplicate action to add a template by modifying a previously created one.
    As an example, here we select the Countries list type, which is used most often. Custom and Campaign Lead Statuses object lists are created similarly. If you need more information on these types, please contact support or your account manager.
  3. Enter a name for the list. Then click Select object(s) for import and select a check box next to the objects you wish to include in the list.
  4. Click Do Import. Boxes with selected objects will appear in the lower part of the screen. If you wish to unselect an item, click the close button next to it.
    You can search for a specific object in the Search List box.
  5. Click Create List.

To edit or delete a list, use the corresponding buttons in the Actions column on the Object Lists page.


If an object list is being used in group filters, you won't be able to delete it until you have removed it from the filters.

You can export a template as a JSON file by clicking Export

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