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Lead Search and History

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In this article, you will learn how to search for the leads you need and view their history ⁠— all the actions related to the leads performed in Dialer. 

Lead Search

To find the necessary leads:

  1. Expand the Leads tab and click Lead Search.
  2. In the Lead Search Results window that opens, specify search criteria to find the lead(s) you need, or enter the lead ID to search for a specific lead. If you click Show Leads without applying search filters, you will see all the available leads.
    To use more search options, click Advanced Search.
  3. Set the search and result tables according to your preferences by clicking Configure Columns in the bottom right corner. Then you can select columns you want to see. Choose if you want to save the view for yourself or for other users with the same role as well and click Save changes.


    Contact the support team or your account manager to enable configuring views.

  4. Click Show Leads.
    You will see the list of leads generated according to the filters you have set.

You can also perform the following actions available below the search filters:

  • Set the column order and availability in the search results.
    To set columns up to your needs, click Configure Column below the search filters, and in the window that pops up, drag and drop column names to change their order and define what column to show and hide. At the bottom of the window, you can choose if you want to leave the settings for yourself or apply them to the whole tenant. Then click Save changes.

  • Save the filter for further usage.
    Enter the name for the applied filter and click Save Current Filter. To find the saved templates, click Leads in the main menu and select Saved Lead Searches.

Lead History

From the Lead Search Results page, you can access the lead history.
In the Actions column, click Select action on the line for the required lead, and in the drop-down list that appears, select View History. 
The lead history opens. It contains the list of all actions related to the lead, latest to earliest, and shows the users who performed them and details of each action.

You can filter the history by action types, selecting one of the values in the drop-down list.

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