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Mass User Creation

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New in 2022/01/02 release For creating multiple users at once, you need to prepare a CSV file with user details, not exceeding 500 users per file.

To create multiple users:

  1. Click Create from file in the top-right of the Users page.
  2. Select a file. It must contain a header or a blank top row. Click Upload.
  3. Map four required fields with file columns: Username, Email, Role, and SIP Settings:
    • Role
      • if you create users with the same role, select From Dialer in the first dropdown list. Then select a role in the second list:
      • to assign different roles, make sure the file contains role IDs from the Dialer, then configure the mapping:


        To find role IDs, go to Users > Roles and refer to the ID column in the Roles table.

    • SIP Settings: default option is use WebRTC. If you want to set other options, the CSV file with user details should contain the relevant data.
  4. Map the optional fields as needed. For tags and skill groups, follow the same logic as for roles. Either assign the same tags or skill groups to all users or map the relevant data from the CSV file.
  5. Click Import Users.
  6. After the users have been created, the system will inform you about the number of uploaded and duplicate users and errors with validation or missing user details. Click Download Error Details to fix the errors and repeat the upload. 
  7. Click Download Success Details to save a CSV file with temporary user passwords.


If you fail to download the success details with temporary passwords, you will need to reset passwords one by one on the Users page. 

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