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Dynamic Caller ID Setup

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The Dynamic Caller ID feature is used for changing your caller ID during outbound calls based on the previously set rules.
For example, you are calling to the US from the UK and want to appear as calling from the US. Then set up an automated rule, and your caller ID will change depending on the destination you are calling.

To manage dynamic caller IDs, go to Setup in the main menu and expand the Dynamic Caller ID tab. Here you can do the following:

  • Create one or more dynamic rules
  • Search for the caller based on different criteria
  • Check out the caller ID details


To enable the Dynamic Caller ID feature, go to your SIP Account setup page and select the Fixed Caller ID type.

To learn more about caller ID options, please refer to the Caller ID Setup‍ article.

To add a dynamic Caller ID rule:

  1. Click on the plus sign next to the Dynamic rules box.

  2. In the window that appears, fill in the fields as described in the table.
  3. Click SAVE RULE.
Field Instructions
Rule Label Enter the name of the rule.
When Dialed Number Starts with: Specify the starting digits of the dialed number.
Use Blocked Number Instead of Caller ID Number Select the check box to hide the Caller ID when dialing the numbers according to the rule.
Set Caller ID Number to (E.164 Format): Enter a phone number in the E.164 format to be displayed to the called party.
Set Caller ID Name Optionally, enter a name to be displayed as well.

You want to set a German DID number for outgoing calls to Germany.
Under When Dialed Number Starts with: you should enter the country prefix for Germany (49).
Under Set Caller ID Number to (E.164 Format): enter the German DID number you are going to use as your Caller ID for outgoing calls to Germany (e.g., +493012345678).

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