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Statistics Widgets

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The main Dialer page can display live call statistics for today. You can also see data for past periods or organize widgets into several panels.



Click the Dialer icon on top as a shortcut to the main page.

To configure the statistics widgets:

  1. On the main page, scroll down to Today Statistics.
  2. Select groups, skill groups, user tags, and campaigns from the drop-down lists on the right. By default, if nothing is selected, you will see statistics for all groups, tags, and campaigns.
  3. Select a predefined time range, e.g., today, yesterday, this week, and so on:
  4. In the Choose Action drop-down list, select Add Widget to Panel:
  5. Choose a widget from the list:
  6. Click Add:
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to add up to seven widgets to one panel.
  8. If you need more than seven, add one more panel. In Choose Action, select Add Another Panel. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to add widgets to the new panel.
  9. Сlick the Save Changes icon on the right to save the configuration.
  10. Click All or Current depending on whether you want to save changes to all panels or only the current one.

In the Count Of Specific Status widget, choose statuses you wish to include.

The widget will display the total number of statutes for selected campaigns.

In the Effective Calls widget, enter the number of seconds for effective call length, then click Show. You will see the effective calls ratio.

To delete a panel, click the Delete Panel icon on the right.

To delete a widget, click delete in the top-right corner of the widget.

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