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There are several reports grouped in Reports > Additional Reports. These are the reports that the clients use not as often as the rest of the reports. 

Network Performance

Network Performance chart will display network issues for a selected time range, remote IP, user agent (browser), and users.


It is recommended for more accurate data to accompany the network performance report with the smoke ping check. 

Recent Activity

Here you can perform a search in logs for selected users, object types (e.g., import group rules or campaign lead statuses) or IDs, text, and time range.

Occasionally, you may receive a Raw Data action that will indicate a change that has been documented:

You can click Raw Data, then click Difference only at the top of the page and see JSON code for what was changed.

Campaign Stats Graphs

This page contains the following graphs displayed for a selected campaign and time range, which you can download in several image file formats:

  • group users and calls graph shows detailed information about agents (online, offline, in a call, in feedback) and calls (failed, bridged, etc.)
  • group leads graph shows data about agents and leads dialed
  • campaign calls graph displays total, successful, and failed calls, as well as ACD and ASR values
  • status changes graph displays changes in several leads per lead status
  • status counts graph displays several leads per lead status 
  • status available count graph displays statuses of available leads
  • campaign stats graph displays overall stats about agents and leads
  • unavailable leads and stats graph shows the total online users and total calls

Last Calls Stats

The graph visualizes the summary of calls made by agents during the selected time range.

Leads Availability

This report estimates the number of leads available for a user group per hour in the next hours.


1. You can use this report as an alternative to the Group Fetch Simulator when the group filters are too heavy and there is a need to process a large amount of data.

2. You can select the period of time no longer than 12 hours.

3. Some changes on the CRM side or other reasons can affect the reliability of the report.

Data Points

Data points in the Dialer are used to count events in the system and manipulate leads according to the count. The support team will set them for you.

In the Data Points report, you can see how often the counter was triggered during the selected period of time and optionally, for chosen campaigns, users, groups, clock-out reasons, and skill groups. For more information, please contact support.

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