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Getting Started - Agent's Guide

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Welcome to the guide on getting started with the Dialer. Learn how to log in to the system and what to do if you forgot your password. We will also walk you through the system interface.

Launching Dialer

You need to log in to the system to enter your own account right from your browser. Your manager will send you the login link as well as your username and a temporary password.

The system will ask you to enter a permanent password upon your first login:


If you forget your password, click Forgot Password? on the login screen. Then submit your username or email to reset the password.

Agent Workspace

After login, you enter the agent's workspace.

Main Page

Your workspace is simple and easy to use. The main page consists of the following parts:

  1. Shortcuts located below system welcome. Click Predictive Dial to enter the predictive calling mode. Click My Callbacks to view and edit the list of your meetings with leads (future call-backs).
  2. The Dialer icon and the Agent menu in the top left corner. Predictive Calling and Future call-backs from the menu will bring you to the same pages as the shortcuts above.
  3. Login/logout and Clock-in controls in the top right corner.
  4. Statistics widgets in the lower part of the screen.

Predictive Call Page

After clocking in, you enter the call page. Once the system connects you with the lead, more controls and actions are available to you.

From the video guide about logging in, receiving calls, and scheduling meetings, you can learn how to clock in and make calls.

Feedback Page

The feedback page appears after the call ends.

Please refer to the video guide about logging in, receiving calls, and scheduling meetings for more information.

Manual Call Page

You can manually dial the leads' phone numbers from the Manual Call page and talk to them. 

You can find more information about manual calling in the Dialer Calling Options article.

Future Call-backs Page

The Future Call-backs page displays a list of your appointments with leads and allows you to view the history of meetings, add comments, or change appointment times.

Please refer to the Future Callback Editing article for more information.

Agent Lead Search Page

On this page, agents can apply filters to get detailed search results on leads. 

To reach this page, click Leads > Agent Search Leads.


You need to specify at least two parameters to run the search.

Last 30 Calls Page

This page is made to check only the last thirty calls. To go there, select Reports > Additional Reports > Last 30 Calls.

By default, all thirty calls are displayed here. You can apply multiple filters to see any specific calls.

Knowledge Base Resources

You can use the following resources in addition to this guide:

Getting Help

Submit a support ticket or turn to your manager for more information.

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