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What Do I Need to Make Calls with CommPeak Softphone?

To make calls with CommPeak Softphone, you need the following:

  1. Become CommPeak's client.
  2. Get the CommPeak Cloud PBX.
  3. Take PBX Stats credentials and log in with them. Find more information in Logging in to CommPeak Softphone.‍

Can I Transfer Calls in CommPeak Softphone?

CommPeak Softphone has a transfer option to redirect your call to another agent. Find more information in Making Calls.‍ 

How Can I Add One More Call to the Active Call?

To learn how to add extra calls to the one you are having at the moment, check Making Calls.‍ 

How Can I Check My Sound?

To test your sound quality, make a test call via CommPeak Softphone.

Also, you can check and adjust your input and output volume level in the Microphone & Headset section. Find more information in Settings.‍ 

What DTMF Modes Does CommPeak Softphone Have?

We provide the following DTMF types:

  • RFC2833
  • Inband

Go to Settings -> DTMF Types in CommPeak Softphone and choose the type you need.

What Should I Do If My Calls Fail?

If your calls made via CommPeak Softphone fail, make sure your balance is topped up.

Also, check if your Internet connection is active and stable.

If you still experience troubles, contact our Support Team.

How Can I Check My Internet Speed/Ping/Jitter?

In the Technical Details section of CommPeak Softphone, you can find information about Ping/Jitter.

If Ping is less than 150 ms, the latency is good.
If Ping is more than 200 ms, the latency is high. In this case, we recommend checking your Internet connection.

You can run the CommPeak Speed Test to make sure‍ the speed and quality of your connection are fine.

Still need help?

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