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User Management

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After signing up at the CommPeak user portal, you become the account owner. You can create more user records for your account and assign various roles to them. 

All the users within your account can contact CommPeak support via any channel, submit support requests and see their request history.

To open user settings, go to SETUP in the main menu. The Users tab will open.

The tab displays the number of users currently associated with your account, their credentials and roles, and shows which of the user accounts is the main one (the account owner).

User Roles

Before you create users, define which roles you are going to assign to them. 

  • Admin: combines the privileges of all the other roles.
    Additionally, they can view, add, edit, and delete other users and assign roles to them, except for the main user and other users with the Admin role.


    Only the main user can grant or revoke the Admin's role.

  • Reports: the user can run reports‍.
  • Tech. Configuration: can change SIP Account‍ and Caller ID‍ settings‍, run CDR reports‍, configure DIDs‍‍, and access Labs
  • Finance: has permissions to view the voice and SMS pricing‍ and the profile, including payment history and other tabs related to finance.
  • Orders: the user can ‍access the Speech-to-Text tab in Labs and change the profile settings‍ not related to finance.

Creating Users

To create a new user:

  1. Click on the plus sign next to the number of users.
  2. In the window that appears, enter the name, email, and credentials for the new user.
    The password must be at least eight characters long and contain uppercase and lowercase letters and digits.
  3. Select the needed checkboxes to assign one or more roles to the user.
  4. Click CREATE USER.
    The new user will appear in the user list.

Deleting Users

Your ability to delete users depends on your role and the role of the user you want to delete.

  • The account owner can delete any user.
  • Admins can delete users except for the account owner and other admins.

To delete a user, click on the trash icon on the user's line and confirm your action.

Changing the Main User

By default, the main user, or the account owner, is created when you sign up at the CommPeak user portal. The account owner is granted all the possible permissions by default. This user has a checkmark on their line in the Main Account column.


Only the main user can pass this role to other users.

To make a user the account owner:

  1. Click the eye icon on the user's line.
  2. In the window that pops up, select the new permissions for the former main user, or choose to delete him/her.
  3. Click SAVE CHANGES.

The main user will be changed.

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