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Configuring SIP Accounts

 3 Minutes



As soon as you complete the signup to the CommPeak user portal, you will know that one SIP account is already available to you. You will also see your user name and domain. 

Start with creating a permanent password for your first SIP account. You can also modify the username and other settings and add more SIP accounts.

Account Settings

You can change the settings of your first SIP account or any other account you add. 

Resetting Password

There is a need to reset the password:

  • to create a permanent password for your first SIP account
  • after you switch from IP-based to password-based authentication to create a permanent password
  • when you forget your current password. 

To reset SIP account password:

  1. Select Setup in the left pane.
  2. Go to the SIP Accounts tab of the setup page. 
  4. After you click PROCEED, the system will send you an email with a reset link. 
  5. Click on the link, enter a new password, confirm it, and click SAVE NEW PASSWORD.

Modifying Username

The system will generate a username for your first SIP account. You can change it later and do the same for any other SIP account.


You need to specify the SIP account username and password in the softphone configuration to start making calls.

To modify the SIP account username:

  1. Click Setup in the left pane.
  2. Go to the SIP Accounts tab of your setup page. 
  3. Click the Edit.
  4. On the Edit SIP Account page that opens, scroll down to the AUTHENTICATION section. Leave the toggle on Password authentication and enter your new username (eight characters or longer).

    Optionally, you can add extra authentication with an IP ACL (access control list) - specify one or more IPs from which you can access the SIP account with these credentials.
  5. Click SAVE CHANGES.

Changing Authentication Settings

By default, password-based authentication is enabled. You may want to switch to an IP-based one, for example, when you set up a trunk to a CommPeak server.

To switch between authentication types: 

  1. On the Edit SIP Account page, scroll down to the Authentication section.
  2. Toggle the switch:
    • to the right to enable the IP authentication
    • to the left for password authentication.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • IP authentication: enter one or more IP addresses allowed to access this SIP account
      To enter an IP address, type in the field and then click on the plus icon:
    • password authentication: enter username, minimum eight characters long.
      Optionally, you can add extra authentication with an IP ACL (access control list) - specify one or more IPs from which you can access the SIP account with these credentials.
  4. Click SAVE CHANGES.
  5. If you switched to password authentication, reset the password to create a permanent password.


You can apply IP authentication for your SIP account to static IP addresses only. More IP access options are available to the Cloud PBX and CommPeak Dialer users.

Increasing Channel Limit

You get one channel for outbound calls after signup:

It is the limit for your entire account. The limit increases after your trial ends and you become a paying customer. If you need more channels, open a support ticket.

Setting Caller ID

You can set a phone number to display to the terminating party for calls outgoing from this SIP account.

For your first SIP account, the system will use the phone number you entered on registration. You can modify it to set a different number, name, or a dynamic Caller ID. Please refer to a separate article about Caller ID setup.


Changing Caller ID is not available for trial accounts. You are limited to the phone number you have used for CommPeak signup. To use other numbers for calling, please top up your account to proceed.

Adding SIP Accounts

If several agents use VoIP services, you can create more SIP accounts.


The number of available SIP accounts is displayed on the setup page:

If you need more, open a support ticket.

To add a new SIP account:

  1. Click Setup in the left pane and expand the SIP Accounts tab.

  2.  You will see the number of active/available SIP accounts. Click on the plus sign next to the box. 
  3. On the page that opens, fill in each section as described below. When done, click SAVE CHANGES.
Section Description
  • Name - enter the name of the new SIP account to locate it quickly. 
  • Channel Limit - enter the channel limit for this SIP account or 0 to use your account limit. The maximum limit you can distribute between all your SIP accounts is specified on the top of the setup page.
  • Default tech. prefix - Leave the default value to ensure the best routes and call quality.
Caller ID Please refer to the Caller ID Setup article
Features Select the following checkboxes:
  • to bypass NAT issues with no audio for established calls
  • to enable playing a message when you try to call but are out of balance
Speech to Text Enable converting recordings of your calls to text and create rules. Visit the Speech to Text category for more information.
Authentication Please see above

Your new account is created and will become active in a while.

If you need more SIP accounts than available or want to use other services provided by CommPeak, please submit a request to our support team by clicking SUPPORT at the top of any page.

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