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Caller ID Setup

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Your caller ID is the phone number displayed to the call recipient at your outbound calls. At My CommPeak, we offer a few caller ID options to set for each SIP account.


When you are using your trial credit, you are bound to the phone number registered during signup to the CommPeak portal. To set a different number, please top up your account.

To set your caller ID:

  1. In the menu on the left, select Setup.
  2. On the SIP Accounts tab, click the Edit button on the line for the required SIP account.

    You enter the editing page for the SIP account.

  3. In the CALLER ID section, select the default caller type from the following options:
    • Caller ID set by Caller - the call recipient will see the name or number you have configured as a caller ID in your PBX.
    • Always Blocked - your caller ID will be displayed to recipients as Anonymous, Blocked, or Unknown.
    • Fixed Caller ID - the DID number you enter will be used as your caller ID.
      If you choose this option, complete the following settings:
      • Default Caller ID Number: enter a phone number in the E.164 format to be displayed to the called party for outgoing calls from this SIP account.


        Using fake or invalid phone numbers is prohibited and being thoroughly monitored by CommPeak. Accounts using fraudulent phone numbers will be blocked.

      • Default Caller ID Name: optionally, enter a name to be displayed together with the number above.  


        Sometimes the Caller ID Name cannot be displayed to the call recipient due to their mobile provider's restrictions. This is beyond CommPeak's responsibility.

      • Dynamic rules: optionally, define and select rules for calling various directions. For an explanation of how to set a rule, please refer to the Dynamic Caller ID Setup article.
  4. Click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page. If you created dynamic rules, you can view and edit them in the Dynamic Caller ID tab:

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