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This section shows leads that are waiting to be assigned.

Waiting leads can have the following statuses:

  • Freeze - the lead is waiting to be imported to the system. The system tries to import leads for five times with a two-minute interval.
    If you want the system to stop trying to process a lead, you can cancel it. Select the necessary lead and click Cancel -> Apply.
    The status will be changed to Cancelled.

  • Cancelled - the system tried to import the lead for five times with two-minute intervals and failed.
    If you want the system to return the lead to the queue and try to import it again, select the lead and click Freeze ->Apply. The status will be updated to Freeze and the system will try to import the lead again for five times with two-minute intervals. 

  • Imported - the lead has been successfully imported.

  • Rejected - the system tried to import the lead, but it did not fit into any view, or the lead had already been assigned before, so it needn’t be assigned anymore.



    The Imported and Rejected statuses cannot be changed to Freeze or Cancelled.

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